A group of people ride bicycles down a residential street. The person taking the selfie is in the foreground, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses, smiling at the camera. Behind them, several cyclists of various ages are riding in a line, enjoying the ride. The street is lined with trees, and there are houses and parked vehicles visible along the sides. The atmosphere appears to be casual and friendly, with everyone seemingly enjoying a group bike ride on a sunny day.

Wednesday Evening Bike Rides are back!

Every Wednesday at 7pm we’ll leave from the Community centre and explore our neighbourhood and other parts of the city connected by bike paths. This is a relaxed ride that only goes as fast as our slowest rider. Come join us and meet your neighbours and discover how connected our community is to bike infrastructure throughout the city.

All rides will return to the Bourkevale Community Centre at 8pm unless otherwise stated. All riders are welcome, Bikes need to be in good working condition and children under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.